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The CodeVerse Approach

CodeVerse can upskill existing client teams. Through our learning platform (CodeScape) we have provided assessments and customised learning plans to upskill over 8000 trainees since inception.  


CodeScape content covers all emerging and open source technologies and also trains in  over 300 tech skills across more than 40 Tech and Data-aligned roles (including 

 QA and many more).

How does the Platform work?

CodeScape delivers an immersive experience: Virtual classroom sessions, Lab Environments to test your skills learned and coach support to ensure successful completion and assistance where needed. 


We start with an analysis of your team’s learning needs and your team’s current skill set.  We then create a customised course based on specific learning requirements. 


How do we deliver this?


We deliver an immersive learning experience through a balanced syllabus focusing on: Technology concepts, Technical depth and the client context.

Our virtual platform provides an immersive learning experience with: Instructor led virtual classroom sessions, Coach assistance when required, a lab environment to practice new skills and assessments to demonstrate learning.


Conceptual Depth: Technologies are deep rooted in concepts - master them so that you can pick up similar other technologies with no additional coaching.

Technical Breadth: Technologies don't work in silos - you need to know how to use multiple technologies together

Application: How to use this technology to solve problems at hand - work on activities which have been derived from real-life scenarios and their submissions are reviewed by our expert coaches.

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