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NeuroDiversity Community
Partner Ecosystem

We work with our network of NeuroDiverse partners, through our CodeVerse 1000 initiative, to identify high potential candidates from NeuroDivergent backgrounds.

Our specialist coaches use an enhanced interview processes to identify required support initiatives to support candidates through the CodeVerse journey.


We have developed an enhanced approach to address the special requirements to support NeuroDivergent candidates and clients through the Academy and 12 month programme before the transition into our customers.

Potential in Me

Creating Bright Futures for young people and the adults in their lives


A leading employability training solutions provider.

The Scottish ADHD Coalition

Bring together the voluntary organisations providing support to adults and children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Scottish Women's Autism Network

The difference Swan makes


We campaign. We support. We advocate. We inform.

Alex Lowery

Does autism affect your life?

The Donalsdon Trust

We are Scotland's leading charity for neurodiversity


Values into Action

Society for NeuroDiversity (S4Nd

Celebrating neurodiversity. Every day.

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