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Financial Services

Financial Services


A leading Financial Service created a network of decentralised Financial Market Infrastructures to deliver the means of payment via Blockchain to the future wholesale banking markets.

A broad technology stack and a wider strategic objective to build an in-house Centre Of Excellence (CoE) with diversity at its core.

CodeVerse were engaged to build a DevOps team, with a customised learning plan who would be able to transition into their CoE after 12 months.


CodeVerse designed and delivered a customised academy for the initial cohort of DevOps Engineers in line with the customer requirements. The training focussed on Blockchain, Python, DevOps Tooling, CI/ CD Pipelines, Cloud Platforming (AWS & Azure) & Kubernetes.

We initially engaged one of our Senior DevOps leads, whose role was to steward and mentor the DevOps team. The CTO leveraged our Innovation Lab to showcase the diverse CodeVerse team in addition to bringing the organisation together to embrace diversity.

CodeVerse has been engaged to build additional teams to grow the clients capability in-line with their investment plans across 5 financial jurisdictions: UK, EU, USA, Canada and Hong Kong over the next 2 years.

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