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High Street Retailer

High Street Retailer


A major UK high street retailer undergoing an ambitious transformation of their online business. At the core of this is a significant investment to build a new eCommerce platform. The challenge was to build a platform which is scalable depending on site demands, and can facilitate high volumes of users during peak times, such as Black Friday.

CodeVerse was engaged by a leading retailer to assess their technology roadmap from a key skills perspective and the required technical competencies needed. Diversity was an area of importance for the client, and CodeVerse worked with its network of partners to identify a talent pool to meet both this, and the tech requirement.


CodeVerse, assessed, trained and deployed a diverse team of 8 full stack engineers in mirroring the clients specific tech environment, including Java, Spring, AWS along with in depth training on modern software engineering practices and soft skills. The CodeVerse team successfully built a Microservices architecture using Java, with a headless architecture being driven via Mobify (JavaScript React) using the latest DevOps frameworks.

CodeVerse continued to support the team over the course of their tenure with the client by providing further tailored learning paths against new tech roadmap requirements.

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