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Leading Fintech in London

Leading Fintech in London


Our FinTech client was created with the remit to disrupt the traditional Trade Finance landscape by developing a platform which digitises and automates document checking in order to improve efficiently and reduce risk.

Challenging the traditional paper-based approach associated with Trade Finance, our client’s modular technology extracts data intelligently, using AI and optical character recognition. It reduces the time to complete checks on the dozens of documents generated by single shipment, using a machine learning based engine to check against the underlying trade transaction with over a quarter million rules permutations.

The new CTO wished to create a technology hub in London for Full-Stack Developers, Cloud Support, QA and DevOps Engineers. Driven by the global lockdown and the widespread move from conventional previous paper-based methods, demand for the platform grew exponentially creating a demand for Engineering resources with the associated technology skills that could be mobilised at relatively short notice.


Due to a proven track record in helping leading FinTech’s in addressing such skills shortfalls, CodeVerse was engaged by the client to put together an Academy for a team of Cloud Support Engineers to help support the platform in the face of unprecedented volumes of demand.

Due to the associated technology stack, it was necessary for the new team to have thorough knowledge of Programming (Java, Python), Cloud (AWS & Azure), Linux, CI/CD, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes & Openshift.

CodeVerse leveraged our skills-gap testing approach to identify suitable candidates who were both suitably technically proficient to undertake the training Code Untapped Partners would provide but also possessing the interpersonal skills required to work in a 24/7 Support environment.

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